Activities In Dandeli


White water rafting

White water rafting is the most popular water sport activity in dandeli and this activity is the favorites and it is highly recommended among all the tourist. No visitor will deny this sporting activity. Water games are one of the most loved activities of Dandeli. Boating in the waters of Kali River is an exhilarating encounter for adventure lovers. Dandeli is likewise the best spot for boating in Karnataka and it’s a must-try activity and it is top activities included in the Package.


Kayaking is a movement with the utilization of a kayak for getting across water. Take an interest in this movement and join in an advancing and compensating time rowing across waters. Work force spent significant time in kayaking will direct the members through the white water while they begin progressing at their own speed.

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Adventure trekking

Adventure trekking is brave trip along the thick Dandeli wildlife jungle forest where guests can examine the nature, and the beautiful wildlife creatures. This is actually a gutsy movement in Dandeli Forest, normally embraced by the youthful vacationers. We ensure on getting the approval from the respective forest area division to go on your journey which make easier for the guests to participate in the traveling.

Jungle Safari

Jungle safaris are organized in open-top jeeps to encounter the lavish green flora, waterways, the wild creatures and birds. Jeep Safaris are directed by the wild life professionals with proficient natural life guides. Jungle Safari is an exhilarating activity, which travel through the thick forest and is one of the top activities in Dandeli. You will actually want to study the profound forest in an open jeep of the forest division with a expertise who will direct you through the woods region. The outing will definitely be an extraordinary growth opportunity as the aide will communicate to you the fascinating facts of the wildlife creatures.

Jacuzzi Bath

Jacuzzi Bath is one of the popular activities in Dandeli alongside drifting. It is made of normal rocks and high flows of neat and fresh water. It doesn’t have an effect whether you prepare for Jacuzzi shower for pleasure or wealth purposes. The development of a Jacuzzi can stimulate and increase shower and relaxing time delight. Making a dream spa for home exercise-based treatment or Jacuzzi a fun time for the whole family.

There will be a master with us and it is absolutely safe to have jacuzzi and you can also capture an amazing pic on all sides of nature and join the fun of the River Kali which streams on to our body. Jacuzzi Bath is one where you get ordinary massage from dripping water of River Kali.



Boating activity is just about as several as the boats and boaters who take part, and better approaches for sharing in this movement are continually being discovered in Dandeli. Corcale ride is one of the most fascinating movements which you couldn’t imagine anything better than to encounter.

Water Boating in Dandeli is one of the popular water activities loved by most of the visitors who come to Dandeli to spend their valuable time.